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Connectors - Datasheet Index

Status: Discontinued = Discontinued

The connector product line has been discontinued on September 16, 2020
Rectangular Connectors
Board-to-Board/ Board-to-CableActive FCN-360 series     

High Speed Connectors / microGiGaCN™
Board-to-Cable (I/O)Active FCN-260(D) series     
Board-to-Cable (Multi I/O)To be discontinued FCN-260(D) series 
Board-to-BoardTo be discontinued FCN-260(D) Stacking Connector       Discontinued FCN-260 'MicroStrip'        
Board-to-Board (Compact PCI)To be discontinued FCN-086/087 seriesDiscontinued FCN-290H series
DIMM Connectors
DDR-2DIMMDiscontinued FCN-07 series

DDR-3DIMMNot for new design FCN-07 series

DDR-4DIMMNot for new design FCN-074B/078B series
PCI Express Bus Connectors
Not for new design FCN-07J series     
Half-pitch/Narrow Pitch Connectors
Board-to-BoardTo be discontinued FCN-210 series
To be discontinued FCN-230 series
To be discontinued FCN-240 series
Discontinued FCN-240 SCA series
To be discontinued FCN-244M/F series
To be discontinued FCN-280 series
Board-to-Cable (I/O)To be discontinued FCN-230B/P series
To be discontinued FCN-230D/R series
Discontinued FCN-230P/J series
To be discontinued FCN-240D/R series
Discontinued FCN-240 P/J series  
Active Optical Cable
QSFP28 Active Optical CableDiscontinued FPD-204/205 series
4X Optical Transceiver ModuleNot for new design FPD-101 series
Contact Terminals
Grounding SpringsActive FCN-118x series
PC Board Connectors
Cable-to-BoardDiscontinued FCN-700 series
Discontinued FCN-720M series
Discontinued FCN-740 series
Discontinued FCN-750 series
Discontinued FCN-790 series  
Crimp TypeDiscontinued FCN-720 series  Discontinued FCN-720M series     
PC Card Connectors
Compact FlashDiscontinued FCN-560H series  
PC CardDiscontinued FCN-560P Throughhole series
Discontinued FCN-560P SMT series
Discontinued FCN-560 D-RAM series
Card BusDiscontinued FCN-560P series  
microSDDiscontinued FCN-560 series  
Copper Modules
X2 CX4 Copper ModuleDiscontinued FCU-022M101 series 
XENPAKDiscontinued FCU-010M002 series